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Editorial: A Glendale hero is laid to rest

By The TimesLedger

In the nearly eight months since the attack on the World Trade Center we have often noted the heroism of the police, firefighters and EMTs who rushed into the towering inferno to save the lives of thousands of office workers. Each man and woman who gave his or her life that day is a hero worthy of the city's undying gratitude.

But there is another group of heroes whose courage and sacrifice have touched the heart of this city. Carolann Larsen was in the final stages of her pregnancy when she kissed her firefighter husband Scott goodbye on the morning of Sept. 11. Scott was assigned to Ladder Company 163 in Glendale. His funeral was held nearby at Sacred heart Church.

Carolann was already caring for their three children, ages 9, 8 and 4. She must have wanted to ask him to stay at home so she could rest. But she didn’t. August Larsen was born two days later. She will never know her father, but someday she will learn how her father and her mother inspired this shattered city with their courage.

The image of Carolann as she should stood in tragic dignity, her baby in her arms is a poignant reminder that the spouses of the city’s firefighters must live with the awareness that on any given day their partner might be called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice.

We hope that Carolann and her children know that the heroism and sacrifice of Scott and his fellow firefighters will never be forgotten. It is small comfort to know the families of the firefighters will be taken care of financially. One widow noted that she would gladly give up every penny that is coming to her family for the chance to have had just a few minutes to say goodbye to her firefighter husband.

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