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Editorial: At last a bridge

By The TimesLedger

At long last the DOT is planning to build a pedestrian bridge over the Boulevard of Death. The DOT acknowledges that building the overpass on Queens Boulevard will be “an ambitious engineering project.”

Ambitious and expensive. But it’s hard to argue that the foot bridge doesn’t make sense. The city has tried repeatedly to make it safer to cross the boulevard, but pedestrians continue to die. Something had to be done.

In addition to the overpass, the city will introduce other changes designed to make crossing the boulevard less of a risk. The changes will include fencing along the medians to discourage jaywalkers and “No U Turn” signs.

The DOT has been working for years to reduce the dangers on Queens Boulevard with some measure of success. We can only hope that the new changes will allow this roadway to lose its unwanted designation as New York City’s Boulevard of Death.

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