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Falling Crime Stats Don’t Tell Real Story, Says Sampson Rep

By Charles Hack

Even with recent attacks, like the shooting on of a youth in the leg while on bicycle riding on Schenck Street, overall reported crimes have plummeted, according to police statistics. The report states that crime has fallen 64.5 percent over the last 12 years and 21 percent since last year, as read by Charlie Zambrena, a member of the United Canarsie South Civic Association on June15. But don’t be fooled, said Michael Cohen, chief of staff at State Sen. John Sampson’s office at the association meeting at the Hebrew Education Society building on E. 95 Street. Real crime statistics are looking less rosy, with many incidents going unreported, he said. Witnesses of crimes are too scared to come forward, he says because Kings County has a “very much inferior witness protection program.” “We were not doing an adequate job on the County level at protecting those, and making them feel comfortable that they can come forward and do what is necessary for us to put those people away,” Cohen said. Sampson, who is running for Brooklyn District Attorney, recently introduced legislation to create a much large protection program, Cohen said. This would create a large state fund to help protect witnesses. Brooklyn had the highest rate of murder out of any of the five boroughs over the last or 10 to 15 years of people who agreed to testify in criminal prosecutions, he said. “You want to do your civic duty and you want to put people away,” Cohen said. “But you have to say at what risk and at cost.” It’s not just murders where people are feel threatened. “Even if you see a petty crime and you don’t feel comfortable and that the system will protect you, you are not going to testify,” he said. “We are not getting the full justice that we entitled to,” he said. The victim of the alleged shooting on June 15 had crossed Schenck Street near St. Jude School when he was shot, said one witness– but who did not want to be named. A suspect has been arrested, according to police sources. “There was blood all over the street – it was very unpleasant,” the witness said. The following is a list of local community organizations that are meeting in the near future in your area. If you have any information that can update this listing, or any comments pertaining to organizations not yet covered, call this newspaper at 718-615-2500, ext. 3332. All meeting notices are accurate as of press time, however, they are subject to change from the organization. Please contact the organization at the number provided for confirmation of date, time and location. *** United Canarsie South Civic Association, July 12 (and each second Tuesday) at 7:30 p.m.; Hebrew Educational Society, East 95th Street and Seaview Avenue; 718-531-8130. The following groups are on hiatus until September: The Friends United Block Association, Gardy Brazela, 718-649-6538; Community Board 18, 718-241-0422; 69th Precinct Community Council, 718-257-6205/6315; Informed Voices of Canarsie, Wanda Ihrig, 718-251-1670.

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