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Vasean’s Killer Is Sentenced

Monique Dixon’s 10-month crusade to have justice served in her son’s name ended last week as convicted drunk driver John Wirta was given the harshest penalty on record for a first-time DWI offender.
“He’s been running away from me for 10 months,” Dixon said. “At least this time he couldn’t run away.”
Wirta, 56, of Fresh Meadows, was charged in the death of Vasean Alleyne, 11, and in critically injuring his friend, Angel Reyes, 12, on October 22, 2004.
At the time of the incident, Wirta’s blood alcohol level was .13 (.08 is the legal limit).
Since that day, Dixon has waged a tireless — and successful — battle to allow prosecutors to bring more serious charges against drunk drivers who maim or kill. Called “Vasean’s Law” in her son’s honor, Governor George Pataki signed the bill in June.
“I feel that, just like in life, I did the best I could for [my son] in death,” Dixon told The Queens Courier.
Wirta accepted a plea deal in June and was sentenced to 60 days incarceration, three years probation, a fine of $1,000, attendance in a drunk driving program, and 15 days of community service.
According to the Dept. of Corrections, with good behavior Wirta, who refused to look Dixon in the eyes during the court proceedings, will probably only serve 40 days of his full sentence.
“He apologized, but it’s different from showing remorse,” she said. “What he’s feeling right now is nothing compared to what Diana or Angel or I are feeling.”

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