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Body Found In Burned-Out DinerRaises Questions For FDNY

The body of a man found by a demolition crew in a burned-out Flushing diner has officials examining why — and how — he was missed.
Oscar Areval, 30, was found in a walk-in freezer at the Saravan Diner last Wednesday following the November 1 blaze that gutted the eatery, which, according to local residents, had beenclosed down for nearly a year prior to the fire.
“This place closed down suddenly almost a year ago,” said Rita (last name withheld). “I’m shocked [they found a body].”
Although no one is certain of the circumstances surrounding his death, Areval’s body, according to officials, had left an impression on the wall, and he had burns on his hands, feet and back.
An ongoing investigation by fire marshals has determined that Areval was, in fact, inside the diner when it burned.
“The individual was in place at the time of the fire,” said Jim Long, FDNY spokesperson.
He went on to say, “There’s no excuse for missing the individual. However, the fire was pretty intense, and the chief officers on the scene — due to safety concerns about the integrity of the structure — pulled all units out and did an outside operation.”
Long explained that an “outside operation” is one in which FDNY attack a fire externally and is common procedure for vacant premises.
Two searches of the Saravan — which had served as a refuge for vagrants since it closed — had been conducted, and nothing had been found, according to Long.
“A primary search upon arrival and a secondary search conducted before the fire was under control turned up nothing,” said Long.
Following protocol, fire officials are currently conducting a critique of the incident “to educate and strengthen tactics.”
The medical examiner will determine the cause of death.

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