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Daughter Donates An Organ, Saves A Life

The love that a child feels toward his or her parents is one of the strongest affections that can exist between two human beings. The sacrifices that parents make for their children are made altruistically — nothing is desired in return.
But the story of Sandra Romero, 25, and her father, Daniel, 54, is one in which a child not only gave back, but gave the biggest gift of all — the gift of life.
For years Daniel had suffered from diabetes, but he never really paid much attention to his health.
That is, until 2000 when he started feeling ill. His kidneys started failing, he got dizzy suddenly, he was loosing his sight temporarily, his body swelled, walking became painful, and he got irritable and depressed.
The situation worsened throughout the year, until his wife Maria decided to quit her job in order to help her husband run the family restaurant, Alpha Y Omega, in Corona. The couple’s four children, Pablo, 27; Sandra, 25; Mara, 23; and Christian, 16 also pitched in.
In december 2004, Daniel got the devastating news: he had to have a kidney transplant if he wanted to continue living.
“He was in denial,” said Sandra. “He didn’t want to do dialysis. For him it was like getting a new life It was hard for him.”
Additionally, the family was told that if Daniel was placed on the waiting list of the New York Organ Donor Network, he would have to wait at least 8 to10 years, and he wasn’t in any condition to wait.
There was a family meeting to sort out the situation, and a decision was made: someone in the family was to donate a kidney.
Sandra automatically volunteered. The tissue compatibility tests started right away, and the family was given the good news: Sandra was a match.
“My dad said no [to the operation],” said Sandra. “He was accustomed to dialysis. He didn’t want me to go through the pain.”
Months of waiting ensued, because doctors had to control the sugar in Daniel’s system and Sandra got an infection that had to be cured before any medical procedure was performed.
The surgery was finally performed on September 23. It was a success.
Currently, Daniel is on the mend. He takes 40 pills daily, some to prevent any rejection of the new kidney, the others to control the diabetes.
Despite this, he is grateful to his daughter and his entire family. Very often he will hug her and tell her, “Thanks ‘mija’ for giving me my life back.”
For the Romero family, the experience has served to bring them closer.
On November 30, they will celebrate Daniel’s 55th birthday.
And, of course, many more healthy years.
“I feel better, very good,” said Daniel, looking at his daughter thankfully.
“I have a very good daughter.”

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