Merry Mail Carriers

Of New York
To the Editor:
Merry Mail Carriers
of New York
who deliver our mail
And rarely fail
as they travel about.
There are many out there
that do their jobs,
Yet remember this too!
Their job is hard and tough,
Rain, sleet, and snow
And driving dangerous roads;
That much is known,
but they do complete their rounds.
Merry mail carriers out there
Do their jobs,
because they care,
with a hello
and that speedy gait,
For those that wait.
It’s that important mail
That just can’t wait,
That needs to arrive on time
to bring us peace of mind.
Let’s hail these
Unsung heroes
Who travel to and fro,
Striving by tooth and nail
To bring us our mail.
Frederick R. Bedell Jr.

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