Rosedale hit by series of burglaries

By Howard Koplowitz

“We've been having a serious condition with burglaries in the Rosedale area,” said 105th Precinct Community Affairs Officer Nicole Dean.She said the burglar has not struck in “the last week or so,” but he hit 30 homes in the first week of 2006.”We're not doing great right now,” Dean said of the burglaries.”He comes in very quiet,” said 105th Police Officer Brian Wimpelberg, noting that the burglar has not awakened any of his victims. “Unfortunately, he's very good at what he does.”He said the skilful thief entered Rosedale homes between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. through an unlocked back window and took jewelry, laptop computers and cash from master bedrooms. If he cannot gain entry through the back window, he moves on, Wimpelberg said.Homes between 135th and 138th avenues from 242nd to 245th streets have been targeted, according to Wimpelberg. But despite the large number of victims in the area, residents of the neighborhood were not aware of the break-ins.”I haven't heard of that, but it's good to know,” said one resident of 137th avenue, who asked not to be identified. Other residents had similar reactions when asked if they were aware of the alleged cat burglar.The burglar has only been described by authorities as a 5-foot-7-inch black man.In the wake of the burglaries, Wimpelberg advised attendees at the meeting to lock their windows and keep valuable items hidden in a safe.”I can't tell you how many houses I go to and their windows aren't locked,” he said.The officer said if the burglar does enter your home, “it might be better to make believe you're sleeping” and then call the police.Dean said Rosedale is also having a problem with criminal mischief. She said there have been 20 different incidences of car windows being smashed in the southeast Queens neighborhood.Reach reporter Howard Koplowitz by e-mail at news@timesledger.com or by phone at 718-229-0300, Ext. 173.

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