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Whitestone VAC wins awards at convention

The Whitestone Volunteer Ambulance Corps EMT drill team picked up first place at the New York State Volunteer Ambulance & Rescue Association, and their ambulance drill team was able to earn second place.
The convention, which was over the weekend of August 25-27, took place at the Hudson Valley Resort & Spa in Kerhonkson, New York. It had workshops on CPR, school bus accidents, Department of Health updates, traffic, driver training and emergency vehicles.
Teammate Erik Korzeniewski was confident that his team would secure the victory. &#8220I knew we would win,” he said. &#8220It was in the bag.”
According to Ralph Cefalo, the Whitestone Volunteer Ambulance Corps president, their teams have had many winning seasons and have consistently done well throughout the years.
There are usually two scenarios per drill, one is medical and the other is trauma. The teams are given a situation and asked to solve it in a short period, usually in about 20 minutes.
There might be a scenario where a patient with a heart problem may need to have CPR administered. In another scenario, a victim could have stab wounds and EMT workers would have to stop the bleeding and help the patient.
Korzeniewski said he was relaxed while competing in the drills. &#8220I felt comfortable because I am with great people,” he said.
There are usually four members to a drill team. Sometimes the same people may be on both the EMT drill team and the Ambulance drill team. The drill team members are usually in their 20s, but this year one member of the team was not able to get there in time, so EMT drill team coach Richard Schor had to step in.
Statewide there were eight teams for the EMT drills and four teams for the ambulance drills. &#8220It's expensive to bring an ambulance up there,” said Cefalo. &#8220The cost of diesel alone is about $75.”
The team members of both the EMT and Ambulance drill teams include Elvira Feyzullahoglu, Erik Korzeniewski, Christina Walsh, Desmond Walsh, Jonathon Lee, Joe Ricci and Richard Schor.
Christina Walsh, who was an alternate, said she joined the Whitestone Volunteer Ambulance Corps after 9/11 because she wanted to volunteer and help.
Korzeniewski, who will be joining the FDNY EMS in October said, &#8220I just want to help people and be beneficial to my community.”

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