Partners In Love

Lena and Paul Goren were given a second chance at love when the two met in 2000 and they recently celebrated their third year wedding anniversary.
Paul was working as a volunteer bartender at a dance at the Rego Park Jewish Center, as he did during all of their dances. During that particular dance on July 9, 2000, Lena, who was born in Greece and moved to the US at age 18, had been hired to sing. When it was time for goodbyes, Paul asked for Lena's number.
&#8220He knew right away,” Lena said. &#8220It took me about two weeks to realize that this was the real thing.”
&#8220When I saw her I said ‘this is it,'” Paul said.
Paul, 87 said that he felt his late wife, who passed away in 1994, helped him to find Lena, adding that it was a match made in heaven.
&#8220In my wildest dreams I never thought I'd live a happily married life again,” Paul said. &#8220The good Lord has given me a second chance.”
Lena, 75, said, &#8220If every woman had a husband like mine, there would be no divorces.”
About two and a half years after meeting, Paul proposed and they were wed on December 28, 2003 at the Astoria Manor.
Both have children who were very supportive of the relationship. Paul is a father of two daughters and has one grandchild. Lena has three daughters and three grandchildren.
Paul and Lena live in the Rego Park apartment where Paul has been for 46 years.
&#8220We do everything together. I need him to be with me most of the time,” Lena said. &#8220I have not lost my independence, but I still like to be with him (almost) always.”
The two lead an active life together that includes traveling and going to many different activities, including ones at the Central Queens Y and various senior centers.
&#8220We're always going,” said Paul, who was born in Brooklyn and used to own a business where he sold imported French combs. &#8220Every day there's a new outing.”
Formerly, Lena participated in a Ms. Senior America pageant in 1999 and is still active with the organization. She also participated in the Astoria Performing Arts Senior Stars program and is a member of the Melodians, which is a singing group that performs locally.
Paul also remains active, including working as the program coordinator of the Friendship Club at the Central Queens Y.
The couple celebrated their third year wedding anniversary with a party in Rego Park where they were surrounded by family and friends.
&#8220We're planning another 15 years together,” Lena said.

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