‘We're All About You!'

Last year, we resolved to treat you, our readers and our advertisers, like the Kings and Queens your are. We tried to keep that in mind as we wrote and published each of our 52 issues. We put your needs, your wants, your desire to know first as we selected stories to pursue.
If we saw a trend in your letters to us, so we responded in kind.
You were baffled by the tree in front of your house. You were frustrated when you called the Parks Department to get a tree planted, pruned, or removed. We explained the enormous job that the Queens Parks Department has tending to our hundreds of thousands of trees. You may not have like the answers but we were able to demystify the process.
We championed against the scourge of graffiti vandals, the growth of gangs - ‘The New Mafia,' the spreading bed bug nightmare, illegal street vendors, for all the aid to education owed to the city by Albany, against closing any hospitals in Queens, against the cell phone ban in schools and dozen of other issues that were important to you.
We put a face on the big stories of the day, like the 10-day blackout in western Queens and the impact on the 100,000 residents and the millions lost by business in the affected areas. We then went down into the manholes to give you the Con Edison workers' side of the story and their struggle to restore the power.
We found the Electchester Little League that Assemblymember Brian McLaughlin allegedly looted like it was his personal piggybank, according to a stunning federal indictment.
We brought you stories of strength, courage, brotherhood and character. We covered the news and we broke some news. We hope that we made you look for a new edition every Thursday.
We launched a new website which is constantly evolving and added new puzzles and games that you enjoy. We expanded our Auto Section and revamped and improved our Classified Ads Section.
This year is just beginning - full of promise and challenges. We promise to rise to the challenge and continue to bring you issue after issue of compelling stories, features, sports and special sections.
Why? Because here at The Queens Courier, &#8220We Are All About You!”

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