‘Round-the-world’ pilot lands

On March 23, 23-year-old Barrington Irving got into a single-engine airplane in Florida and began a round-the-world trip. On June 27, after more than 21,000 miles, he completed his voyage, earning two world records.
Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Miami, Irving met a Jamaican airline pilot, who introduced him to what would become his passion. In 2003, he began studying aerospace at Florida Memorial University. He also founded the non-profit organization Experience Aviation, Inc. in 2005 to “address the significant shortage of youth pursuing careers in aviation and aerospace.”
“What excites me most [about the trip] is that from this one flight I have the opportunity to reach children and youth across the world and motivate them to pursue careers in aviation,” he said on his website. “I feel that aviation has chosen me for this purpose.”
Flying in a plane named “Inspiration,” Irving made it to other countries such as Canada, Spain, Greece, Italy, Egypt, India, Taiwan and Japan. In completing his round-the-world flight, Irving became “the first person of African descent and the youngest person ever to fly solo around the globe.”
Following the conclusion of his trip, one person posted a message on Irving’s blog saying, “Congratulations on accomplishing this amazing feat. You are the son or brother that anyone would be proud to have. You have made me proud to be a Jamaican.”
“As a race and a nationality - let me say ‘Thank You.’ You took us all around the world. Your courage and strength is admirable,” another posting said.
To find out more about Irving and Experience Aviation, visit www.experienceaviation.org.

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