The Fair moves into Atlas Park

Nearly 70 years ago, the Gerson family founded The Fair, a home-goods store in Ridgewood, and now the family-run business has opened a second location in Glendale.
“My grandfather Sidney Gerson first opened the Fair in 1938, the year before the World Fair came to Queens,” said store manager, Jake Gerson, explaining that the store derived its name from the international event.
On Thursday, July 5 the new shop opened for business in The Shops at Atlas Park, located at 8000 Cooper Avenue in Glendale.
“With the building up of the area, and the new shopping center this has become a great location for the new store,” said Gerson. The Fair started out as a curtain store on Myrtle Avenue, and Gerson said that back then business went well, but it was in the 1950’s that his grandfather saw a greater to need for home goods.
The Fair now carries wide selection of items, including brand-name appliances by Cuisinart and KitchenAid, specialty kitchen and bath items, and bedding and linens.
While bedding and linens are located on the ground floor of the Ridgewood location, the new Glendale store is set up a little differently.
“We reversed the layout of the old store for the new one to complement the stores around us,” said Gerson. Since the Amish Market - a food and produce shop - is located directly across from the Fair, The Fair at The Shops has kitchenware and other food related items on the base floor. “That’s what attracts our customers here,” Gerson continued.
Gerson added that The Fair also prides itself on its competitive pricing and customer service.
“People who have shopped with us since our opening of the old store still come back to us, but now they bring their children and grandchildren with them,” Gerson said.

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