The Pets Stop Here makes customers happy

Dog eat dog is not the business philosophy boutique pet storeowner Felix Fraser lives by.
&#8220I try to be as quiet as possible,” Fraser said. &#8220I believe in facilitating happy purchases. Even fish have personalities. I would not let a customer put an aggressive fish in with a guppy. You want customers to enjoy what they create. That way everybody's happy.”
Just recently opened, The Pets Stop Here is located at 43-26 52nd Street in Woodside. It is the go-to place for Queens area pet owners or pet purchasers who know and want quality.
His shop specializes primarily in pets with paws and tails, but he has pets with fins for folks who would rather forego walking, scooping and grooming responsibilities. In the next few weeks, he plans on adding reptiles - lizards, small snakes and turtles - to his repertoire.
The Woodside shop carries a full line of premium pet foods and pet care products as well as pet accessories, and offers in-house grooming services. His groomers - Tina, Debbie and Karen - are a unique crew with exceptional talents and upbeat attitudes, he said.
With 20 years in health and fitness, Fraser found himself pet sitting a couple of dogs and then one job turned into another. &#8220I just met interesting people and interesting pets,” he said. &#8220It was a natural progression.”
The former pet sitter takes both pride and pleasure in his new career. Fraser stocks only products that he would use and removes those that do not live up to his expectations.
Among his pet food selections are Merrick and Wellness, two gourmet pet foods noted for their &#8220human grade” and organic ingredients. &#8220These are my ultimate favorites,” Fraser said. &#8220People are used to feeding their pets food by-products. These are whole foods. It is not garbage. If I wouldn't eat it, I can't give it to my dog.”
Additionally, he stocks accessories that are smart, functional, and distinctive. The Azoo line, he said, is a particular favorite featuring stylish aquarium products and accessories.
The Pets Stop Here is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 9 p.m., and Saturdays and Sundays from 10 a.m. until 8 p.m. The business website, under construction, is www.tpshnyc.com.
For more information, call 718-651-4100.

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