Low cost program for pet services

Low-cost spaying or neutering vouchers for low-income residents and their pets are now being offered by the New York State Animal Population Control Program (APCP).
APCP suggests that the surgery be done before six months after birth as this will increase your pet’s life expectancy and make their disposition more gentle and affectionate. Spaying a female helps you to prevent pyometra, a uterine infection or mammary cancer. Neutering a male helps reduce the risk of cancer, prostate disease and hernias.
In order to be eligible for the state vouchers the dog must be licensed in New York City and the pet owner must be a resident of New York City and provide proof that he or she is on at least Temporary Assistance, Food Stamps, Medicaid, the Low-Income Housing Program or the Social Supplemental Income (SSI).
If you are a pet owner interested in finding more information on the low-cost voucher program, or to obtain an application, you can call 1-888-669-0870 or visit www.agmkt.state.ny.us/AI/apc.html to obtain the application.

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