Helping others is her passion and joy

Rita Baskin’s day job is to help people realize their dreams.
Having come quite a distance to realize hers, Baskin might be considered an expert on the matter.
Born in Fergana City, Uzbekistan in the 1950s, Baskin grew up in a Communist regime, unable to express her opinion or practice her religious beliefs.
“I am a very opinionated woman and I am a religious woman, so it was not a good fit,” she said.
Seventeen years ago, the single mother of two immigrated to the United States, and began exercising the freedom she never had. Now married, Baskin lives with her husband, Jeff. Her two children, Lina and Leonard, are grown.
A well known job coach and consultant in Forest Hills, where she works and lives, Baskin is not only one of the most influential members of Queens’ Jewish community, but one of the most recognized people in all of Queens.
Having earned her Masters in Education, Baskin taught music in her native Uzbekistan before moving to the U.S. She spent 15 years in New York City’s education system, as well, before leaving her job in favor of one that better allowed her to follow her passion of helping others.
“I don’t believe in one person being happy with his own achievements without sharing them with others,” said Baskin. “As accomplished as I am, I’m still improving myself, and I’m always happy to see someone who needs help that I can offer.”
Baskin’s firm - BRJ Consulting, 70-50 Austin Street, Suite 112 in Forest Hills - is little more than a year old, but already, Baskin says, she has watched her clients achieve their potential, get jobs, and begin to lead happy lives.
“Every week, I lose two or three clients,” she said. “They get jobs and leave me.”
Baskin’s job involves providing clients with resources and coaching so they can find employment, become American citizens, improve their businesses, and generally realize their dreams. While the work she does is business-oriented, Baskin said she helps improve all aspects of her clients’ lives.
“I’m happy to say I feel I’ve even helped save a few marriages,” she said. “I try to show people that there is a way to feel free. I am a humanitarian; I feel good when I help other people.”

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