Bayside nativity scene stolen

The Bayside Business Association (BBA) has a message for whoever stole the nativity scene from in front of their headquarters near the Long Island Rail Road station: “Do the right thing.”
“It was there on Friday (December 28),” said BBA president Judy Limpert. “Someone first noticed it was missing about 11 a.m. on Saturday,” she said.
For the last five years, the BBA has put up a menorah, tree and nativity scene for the holidays, at 41-16 Bell Boulevard, in the heart of the neighborhood’s commercial district.
“Nobody had so much as moved a piece or taken a light bulb until this incident,” Limpert said, adding, “We’re hoping the person who took it will just put it back, no questions asked.”
Limpert is taking a philosophical view of the robbery. “If someone took it for ‘political’ reasons, I’d be willing to sit down and discuss it with them,” she said, adding a charitable, “If they took it out of need, I’d be willing to buy them another one. We just want ours back.”
The figures of Joseph, Mary and Jesus in the manger aren’t exactly priceless -they cost exactly $250 when they were purchased five years ago. “It’s the principle of tolerance and freedom of expression that’s at stake here,” Limpert stresses.
Of course, there’s always the possibility that the removal was an act of youthful exuberance, perhaps fueled at one of the many drinking establishments lining Bell Boulevard and side streets nearby, Limpert conceded.
“The important thing is that we want it back, no questions asked,” she stressed, adding, “There will be a nativity scene with other holiday displays next year, regardless.”
Anyone wishing to “do the right thing” is welcome to call the BBA at 718-229-2277 with information about the missing figures.

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