How’s Business? Earn more or cut costs?

By Joe Palumbo

If you're looking to increase income, think about MLM, or multi-level marketing, which combines direct sales with franchising. Be careful because the greater majority of MLMs can wind up costing you money and time, amounting to little or no profit. However, if you are serious and find a quality MLM, you can legitimately earn several hundred to several thousand in extra income on a monthly basis. Clean out that basement, attic and/or garage and sell off items you really no longer have use for. A yard or garage sale could help, but you may be able to financially capitalize (depending on the items) by selling them on Ebay or an organization of that nature. If you have squirreled away a nest egg of investment capital, then consider investing in real estate or stocks. Currently you can purchase investment properties for a song because of where the real estate market has landed. But statistically speaking, stocks, bonds and mutuals are still pound for pound the best way to go overall. To reduce expenses consider canceling those subscriptions to periodicals that you never actually read and are just a waste of money. Buy in bulk when shopping for your groceries and stick to your budget when shopping in general. If you have a gym membership and never go Ð cancel it. So How's Business in regards to boosting your income and paring your expenses for 2008? Forget your title at work or what your gross is. At the end of the day the most important part of your finances is what goes into your pocket. Saving a little here and there all adds up. Joseph J. Palumbo III , a son of the late Joseph J. Palumbo Jr., can be reached at (516) 248-0256. You can also visit HYPERLINK www.camelotlimo.com

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