Worldly Wise

At age 16, Alina Wang’s dancing has already taken her all over the world as she helps educate others about Chinese culture.
Wang was born in Peru and moved to the United States with her parents in 2004. They now reside in Forest Hills.
As a child, Wang always had an interest in dancing and began studying ballet when she was in middle school.
“I thought dancing was an interesting way to express your feelings,” Wang said.
After spending her freshman year at Forest Hills High School, Wang began attending the dance school at the Fei Tian Academy of the Arts. Along with training as a dancer, she also takes academic courses there. Through the school, she is a member of the Divine Performing Arts Troupe of New York.
“It’s been a really wonderful experience to be part of this group,” Wang said.
For the last three years, Wang has participated in Holiday Wonders and Global Chinese New Year Spectacular, which is also known as Chinese New Year Splendor. The shows are sponsored by New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV). She said that the training, which includes learning various folk dances, is very difficult.
“We’re trying to bring performances of the highest caliber,” she said.
Through the shows, the dancers are exposing others to Chinese culture. Wang said that she felt honored to be a part of that process and also described it as bridging the gap between the east and west.
Wang said that the group tours around the world and went to about 17 different countries in 2007. She also said that they have been getting very good feedback from the various audiences they have performed for.
“It’s been a really wonderful experience to be able to perform on all these large scale theatres. It’s opened my eyes to so many wonders of the world,” she said. She continued, “It’s a really nice way to spend half the year.”
Wang said that she has always been interested in traveling and learning about other countries. While touring, she said she has been to many places that she never thought she would see at such a young age. So far, her favorite trip was to Australia.
“I just really liked the beach and the weather. The people are really friendly,” Wang said. “It’s really beautiful.”
During the next tour, Wang said the dance company will be visiting more European countries, many of which she has never been to before. She said they are looking to bring the show to even more audiences to see.
Previously, Wang has also performed in community events, such as Asian Heritage at Queensborough Community College.
Wang said that right now she is focused on what she is doing with the Divine Performing Arts Troupe of New York. However, she said that she is also interested in journalism.
For more information on the shows, visit www.ntdtv.com.

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