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‘Divine providence’ brings rabbi to Bayside

Rabbi Moses Kirsh describes it as “divine providence” that brought him to the Bayside Jewish Center, where he has been as the rabbi and cantor since last October.
Born in Boston, Kirsh grew up in Brooklyn. He said he studied his whole life and always taught high school-aged students Hebrew and the Talmud.
“Then I felt that it wasn’t enough for me,” Kirsh said, adding that he wanted to help more people and also reach adults.
Kirsh became interested in the mystical and spiritual aspects of Judaism, in addition to the religious part. He was living in Los Angeles when a student invited him to come to New York for the bris of the student’s first child.
Another rabbi told Kirsh of the open position at the Bayside Jewish Center. He called and asked if he could come in since he was only in town for a short time.
“I just came in and we spoke for 10 minutes and they were intrigued,” Kirsh said.
Bayside Jewish Center President Josh Sussman said Kirsh was selected based on his background and his ability to conduct services and said that Kirsh fit into the center’s tradition. Sussman also said that Kirsh has revived activities at the center and is also doing things such as holding classes, reaching out to potential new members and working with families.
“It seemed like a good match and it seems to be working out so far,” Sussman said.
The synagogue is the oldest one in the Bayside area. Along with holding various special events and renting out a ballroom, it has Thursday services at 8 a.m., Friday services at 7 p.m., Saturday services at 9 a.m. followed by Kiddush, and Sunday services at 9 a.m. followed by breakfast and study of Jewish law with the rabbi. On Tuesdays, they also have stories from the Talmud from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. and teach Kabbalah from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Along with teaching Jewish meditation, Kirsh also specializes in teaching the energy of the Hebrew alphabet. He explained that in the Jewish tradition is believed that the world was created using the energy from the 22 Hebrew letters.
Kirsh said that one of his goals is “to teach people wisdom and spirituality from the Jewish sources, to help people get deeper into the spiritual aspect of Judaism. Judaism has a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge in all aspects of life in the whole of creation.”
Another thing that Kirsh wants to accomplish is uniting all people and creating respect and appreciation among all human beings.
As a cantor, music is also very important to Kirsh, who has recorded a CD.
“I believe that [it is]…prayers and singing that uplifts us and connects us to our spiritual source,” Kirsh said.
Bayside Jewish Center is located at 203-05 32nd Avenue. For more information, call 718-352-7900 or visit www.baysidejewishcenter.org. To contact Kirsh, e-mail rabbi@baysidejewishcenter.org.

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