Keep Willets Pt. for blue collar workers

J. Erdistoupoulas, Corona

Let's all watch carefully as the Queens politicos keep on spending thousands, if not millions, on studies, surveys and appraisals in this land grab for Willets Point for a convention center.

What voter referendum put this in motion? This is going to cost millions before the building even begins. I would like to see how much money is budgeted for the buying of properties and development.

Also, Willets Point has been a place for working stiffs to get needed auto parts for about 50 years. Hub caps are $5 as opposed to $40 to $90. Alternators, water pumps and wiper motors can be found sometimes for $30 — not the $150 to $180 as list price quotes.

I wonder how many taxpayers are for this project when they see the taxpayer cost. Queens could probably use the millions on other repairs and improvements.

If anyone really wants to see the Queens politicians pull out their hair, suggest that the 28 acres of unused gifted land at Fort Totten be allocated to the 130 businesses who need to be relocated in Queens within a reasonable distance of the relocation.

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