Tuscan Farms in the heart of Jamaica

How many people can say they remember growing up on a farm - in Queens?
Henry and Michael Beyer did just that. Their parents had a milk farm in Maspeth, where they grew up. Decades later, with the farm gone but the relationships intact, Tuscan Farms is now the largest distributor of milk products in the region. Keeping the family tradition alive he and his brother work out of a plant in Jamaica. Milk is brought into the plant and then homogenized, pasteurized, packaged and delivered.
“I remember when Queens was all farmland - what a great place to grow-up” said Henry nostalgically.
His successful business is Queens-based, utilizing acres of property in the heart of Jamaica, but he also distributes from plants in New Jersey and Long Island as well.
I asked him what the key to his success was. He emphasized attention to detail - the employees know he is around and always asking questions. “My brother and I are very hands-on owners, working up to 7-days-a-week.”
He explained, “We meet with each manager weekly and determine problems and issues so that they can be solved immediately.”
Although his work is totally engrossing he makes time for giving back and supports several Jewish charities.
His smile widened as he spoke about his wife, daughter and son. Although they are not in the business, he seemed to hold out hope that his brother’s children may carry on the tradition to the next generation.

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