Parting For The Holidays

No time for the salon? You can still transform your look for all those holiday parties. Create a whole new you in seconds by changing your part. Jet Rhys of San Diego-based Jet Rhys Salon suggests three ways:

  • Slight de-“part”-sure: If you currently wear your hair parted on the right or left side, try slightly moving your part over a bit to keep them guessing and asking, “Hmmm, what’s different about her?”
  • Finding your middle ground: For that pretty, effortless look, part your hair straight down the middle. Wear it with soft waves like Blake Lively or Kate Hudson.
  • Set yourself a-“part”: If your hair’s been weighing you down, ditch your old part and move it to the complete other side of your head. You’ll be giving your hair that added lift it’s been begging for!
    To part your hair, begin by combing it straight back. With a thin comb, trace a straight line from your forehead to the back of your head. Separate the hair on either side and brush it down until it lays smooth. If your hair is used to a certain part, you may need to use a bit of product to hold it down until it’s “trained” to stay put.

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