Rosetta Wines opens with a new spirit

It was a quaint, little wine shop in Florence, Italy that did it for Shermon Peters, the new owner of Rosetta Wines at The Shops at Atlas Park.
“I became fascinated with the wine store across the street from our hotel when me and my wife were on vacation,” Peters said, of the tiny Florentine wine shop. Two years after his Italian vacation and a great deal of knowledge about wine, Peters decided to take a chance and open his own wine store.
Owning his own wine store was Peters’ dream, and that dream became a reality when he held the grand reopening of Rosetta Wines.
Peters bought the already established Rosetta Wines in December 2008 after he fell in love with The Shops at Atlas Park during a previous visit.
“It transforms into a whole different world,” Peters said of the area. “I told my wife, this is where I want my store to be.”
When he held the grand reopening recently, large crowds joined him for the occasion.
“Many of the distributors were more than happy to come to the opening, one even traveled all the way from New Jersey,” Peters said.
BULLDOG, Compass Box, Domaine de Canton liqueur and Crop Vodka are some of the distributors that not only attended the reopening to promote their products, but also teach customers a bit about the business.
Peters explained that when he walked into the wine store that inspired him in Florence, he felt comfortable and a home-like vibe rather than a store that just wanted to make a sale. That was something he is trying to implement at the Rosetta Wines location in Atlas Park.
“People shouldn’t feel intimidated to ask for help,” Peters said.
Each weekend Rosetta Wines will host a tasting event that brings different distributors to discuss their make of wine or spirit.
“After you’re educated, you have a whole new respect for it,” Peters said. “Most people don’t know any kind of wine more than Marlow. They’re missing out.”

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