See red, go green: Queens bakeries and markets offer organic sweets for Valentine’s Day

With eco-friendly products flooding the market and an increasing call to raise nutritional and environmental awareness, Valentine’s Day products are no exception to the all-natural craze.
Notoriously sweet treats are hard to resist when February comes around, but this year consider healthier, local alternatives to the traditional boxed chocolates. Not only are Queens bakeries and food markets offering organic sweets, but also the innovative creations will satisfy gift-givers and their sweet-toothed recipients.
One such option is Sweet & Sara, home of the original all-vegan marshmallow (718-707-2808, www.sweetandsara.com). This Woodside confectionary and bakery - soon to be moving to Long Island City - holds true to its name by making delectable treats that are not only delicious, but are also healthier options than the drug-store candy alternative.
“Eating vegan reduces your risk of heart disease, one of the country’s top killers,” owner Sara Sohn says. “And it’s good for your mind and heart knowing no animals were harmed in the making of the scrumptious treats.” The vegan-owned confectionary is known for its award-winning marshmallows, and is the only provider of a completely vegan marshmallow, according to Sohn.
So what will this sweet spot be offering in time for Valentine’s Day this February? Pink marshmallows, of course. Nevertheless, Sohn says that the Valentine’s-themed pink marshmallows will be naturally colored with beet juice as opposed to artificial coloring. Sohn’s treats contain no cholesterol since they are made without animal ingredients, so enjoy a marshmallow or two with your Valentine guilt-free.
At Linda’s Organic Kitchen & Market in Kew Gardens (81-22 Lefferts Blvd., 718-847-2233) organic chocolate-covered strawberries, heart-shaped chocolate-dipped cookies and heart-shaped lollipops make up the complete Valentine’s package, and because each are made vegan, with all-natural ingredients, your body will benefit.
“Our vegan-baked goods are made from all-natural whole foods that still contain their vitamins and minerals,” says owner Linda Kuchmeister. “They don’t contain any chemicals, pesticides or additives.”
Linda’s Organic Kitchen & Market offers individual size organic/vegan chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and accepts special orders for heart-shaped cakes, especially for Valentine’s Day.
With the health of their customers always in mind, the staff offers to meet any special nutritional needs on cake orders. All baked goods are made fresh daily on the premises for the best quality possible. With such tailored service, it would be difficult not to indulge.

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