High Grade Tutoring Service is A+

In 1976, Stan Klein started High Grade Tutoring Service, specializing in home tutoring that concentrates on the needs of the student.

Since its origin, the service has grown dramatically, mainly due to its ability to partner with dedicated, knowledgeable, friendly and caring teachers.

Assignments are given to teachers that can best fulfill a student’s personal and academic needs.

High Grade Tutoring Service is able to help students in all academic subjects and exams ranging from elementary school through college.

Throughout the 30-plus years of existence, High Grade Tutoring Service has worked with students from New York City schools, suburban School Districts, social service institutions, charitable organizations, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and other agencies, as well as professional entertainers.

High Grade Tutoring Service offers tremendous value when compared with many other tutoring services.

Teachers are licensed and travel to the student’s home, so instruction is on a one-to-one basis and they always try to fit into the student’s schedule.

Since their fees are extremely competitive and often quite lower than the other services, it’s a win-win situation.

High Grade Tutoring Service has helped thousands of students achieve their academic goals. It gives them great satisfaction to receive calls from elated students, to “thank us for helping them achieve their goals.”

The Service looks forward to many more years of helping friends, neighbors and even the children of past students.

Call High Grade Tutoring Service at 718-740-5460 for all of your academic needs – they definitely can help.

– Victor G. Mimoni

High Grade Tutoring Service is A+

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