A ‘fresh’ face on the film scene

A 10th grader at Archbishop Molloy High School, Alex Lamburini is already dedicating himself to his dream of becoming a feature film director.

Lamburini’s interest in filmmaking began through a hobby in photography that began when he was about 11 or 12 years old. He said that, from there, he started to develop an interest in telling stories and thought he could do so by making short films.

While creating his short films, Lamburini, a resident of Flushing, said that he carried over much of what he learned through photography. He also said that he loved making the films and realized what he was doing was directing.

Lamburini wanted to do some sort of professional program, and began looking online for possible opportunities. He eventually found the program Fresh Films and was accepted last summer.

“I was so excited,” he said. “It seemed like an amazing opportunity for anyone that wanted to start in the film industry.”

To apply for the program, Lamburini had to fill out an application about why he wanted to participate, and submit an idea for a film. In New York, a group of 10 students was selected to film a script that was written by a team as part of a separate contest.

“We all switched roles so we all got a nice taste of everything on set,” Lamburini said, adding that this including running the camera, being the assistant director and working the sound.

The very first day of the program, Lamburini said that the students had to do casting for their film. Within a one-week period, they were already down to editing it.

Lamburini said that he feels his participating in Fresh Films gave him more confidence and a lot of experience. He also said that he took away many skills that he learned on set.

“I carry that into my own productions as I do them now,” Lamburini said.

Since completing Fresh Films, Lamburini has made several short films, including “Mute” and “Meeting Mr. Williams.” He is also still doing a great deal of photography.

“Ultimately I’d like to direct feature films,” Lamburini said. “I’m willing to take any road.”

Lamburini said that his age has not been a barrier in completing his films because of a sense of professionalism and maturity. In the future, he said that gaining a budget for longer films at a young age will be his biggest challenge.

Once he graduates from high school, Lamburini said that he wants to attend film school. He also said that he has ideas for other short films, and will continue making them.

“Every time I shoot a film, towards the end of the project something always pops into my head,” he said. “I always like to keep a few ideas on tap.”

Fresh Films is now accepting applications to participate this summer. Interested teens between the ages of 14 and 19 can apply through May 18 on www.Fresh-Films.com. This free program is open to teenagers throughout the nation.

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