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Council should have stood up to Monserrate

State Sen. Hiram Monserrate (D−East Elmhurst) has been indicted. Of course, everyone, including the senator, deserves the presumption of innocence. That is what an indictment and trial are all about: determining innocence or guilt.

This does not mean, however, that rational human beings must suspend all rules of common sense. In your lifetime, how many people do you know have accidentally walked into a broken bottle and then needed more than 20 stitches? This is the claim made by the former city councilman even after he was allegedly caught on tape dragging his girlfriend by the hair and bringing her to a hospital 15 miles farther than the one in his district.

What angers me most about this episode is that not one Council member stood up and voiced outrage over Monserrate’s behavior prior to the indictment. Had a police officer been accused of similar wrongdoing, these same politicians would be tripping over themselves to get to the nearest microphone.

Bob Friedrich


23rd Council District

Glen Oaks Village

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