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Enforce harsher parking laws on drivers along Bell Boulevard

I would like to respond to the editorial “Killing Business on Bell Boulevard” (Little Neck Ledger, Sept. 17).

One of two situations is going on here:

1. The meter maids are breaking the law — i.e., ticketing people who are obeying the law.

2. The people getting ticketed are breaking the law.

If it is the meter maids, then off with their heads.

I would think that it is the people who are breaking the law. Would TimesLedger Newspapers prefer lawbreakers go unpunished?

If meter maids did not ticket the lawbreakers, how would anyone get a parking space in Bayside? People would just park there all day without paying. There would be no turnover and no customers for the businesses there.

I would suggest a change in the law, but I do not see how that would help. If trucks were given free reign to park, where would people park cars?

This is like the people in Nassau County who are complaining they are being ticketed by “red light cameras” when they are “rolling” through a right turn on a red light without coming to a full stop. It is against the law. You are supposed to stop. I see it a lot and have been close to having accidents at those points. Some of those rolling stops seem to be at 30 mph.

Will the editors please make a valid suggestion as to how to “formulate policies” to alleviate the situation? Maybe ban outsiders from the parking lots. Maybe give everyone a ticket and let them prove they benefitted the community while they were parked there. Maybe boot them and get a release with a receipt from doing business there.

I drive through Queens a lot. In every business area I see cars double-parked and parked at bus stops. This contributes to traffic tie-ups, with buses having to double-park to take on or let off passengers. All violators have a reason why they should not get a ticket.

I have been a Douglaston resident for more that 50 years. I no longer go to Bell Boulevard because of the lack of parking.

Jerrold Schreibersdorf


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