Gov’t should regulate food industry

Now that the U.S. House of Representatives has decided we will have our health care needs taken care of, they might as well take care of our nutrition. After all, if you want to save health care money, what better way is there than controlling what we eat?

The first step should be to nationalize farms and the food packaging industry. Food must be made free since no one can dispute food is essential for life. Therefore everyone must have all the food they want or need.

Foods like truffles and caviar will no longer be needed as the rich will have to eat the same things as the poor. Wine and soda are no good for us so tap water will have to do.

The supermarkets will all be run by the government. Workers will be happy to give you good, polite service since everyone knows there is no better reward in life then serving strangers.

Restaurants will be free. Just think: Now everyone will be able to go to the best restaurants in the country.

Eventually, as all government programs do, this wonderful utopian idea will have some unexpected benefits. As farms, food processing and supermarkets break down, lots of people will die of starvation, which will reduce the needs of the health care industry, saving the government lots of money for other new and wonderful programs.

John Procida


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