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Executive office center coming to Fresh Meadows

In today’s challenging economic climate, business owners are seeking new ways to survive and thrive – and they can do it in a new environment coming soon to Fresh Meadows.

Two local property owners, Jack and Steven Blumner, are taking a Tudor style, office building at the rear of the Fresh Meadows Shopping Center parking lot and are converting it into the Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows – state-of-the-art executive suites.

An executive suite center, also commonly referred to as a business office center, is an office building in which each tenant has an individual office but all share a common receptionist and lobby/waiting area, conference room and kitchen facilities.

“It is the perfect solution for challenging economic times,” said Steven Blumner. “Your expenses are a fraction of what they would be in a traditional office environment – and you are ready for business from the moment you turn the key and open the door to your new office.”

They are usually fully furnished, telephone and Internet-ready, and tenants receive other professional staff support and services from the landlord. This type of building is common in Manhattan and Long Island, but has not yet made a significant entry into Queens until now.

“Everything is already in place,” Steven said. “All you have to do is roll up your sleeves and get to work.”

Another innovative business site solution at The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows “for businesses that have been hurt by the recession is a virtual office,” said Jack Blumner. “A virtual office gives tenants an opportunity to work from home while receiving many of the benefits of having an actual office in an office building.”

State-of-the-art communications equipment enables the courteous reception staff to answer calls for outside tenants as if they are in the building – located at 61-43 186th Street – screen them, put them on hold, put them through to the tenant or put them in a voice mail.

The classically furnished lobby/waiting room; telephone and Internet ready offices handsomely appointed with brand new furniture; executive conference room for scheduled meetings and kitchen/lunch room with vending machines and large flat screen TV, all contribute to the professional business atmosphere

Rents at the building will vary, depending on the size of the office, with virtual offices renting from $99 to $299 per month, depending on the level of service. “They are ideal for start-up companies and just as suitable for companies that have been forced to scale back their operations until economic conditions improve,” Jack said.

“Executive Office Center suites would also serve as a perfect field or branch office of a larger corporation. Even in these challenging economic times, North Queens remains one of the most vibrant and resilient business environments in New York – a good place to gain an economic toehold,” the Blumners agreed.

The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows also offers discounted costs for telephone and high speed Internet services; seven day per week security access and professional support from a dedicated, experienced staff – at a prestigious business address close to the heart New York City.

For more information on The Executive Office Center at Fresh Meadows, call Associate Director Mary Abrams at 718-886-2276 or email mabrams@sjbqueens.com.

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