How much do you think you will spend shopping this holiday season?

1) David Mitzman

My spending habits probably won’t change. I’m fortunate, since my financial situation isn’t as dire as it could be. I think I might spend several hundred.

2) Lisa Holz

Because I am a college student, my funds are limited, so I’m looking for bargains and spending around $250.

3) Chris Livoti

I plan on buying gifts for my parents, sister, and a few other relatives. Maybe I’ll spend $500 in total.

4) Evan Rothschild

I know I will get gifts for my family and friends. I will probably spend an average amount on gifts.

5) Daniel Greene

It depends on how much I like certain people when I do my holiday shopping.

6) Minna Finkelstein

I think I will spend about the same as I did last year and all of the gifs will be for my grandchildren.

7) Jean Metauten

I will spend less than last year because my whole family is spending less this year. I don’t want to spend too much.

8) John Burkart

I will probably spend around $1,000, which is the same as last year. The gifts are mainly for my family and friends.


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