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Spreading his sound

Robinson Treacher is now embarking on a solo career as a singer/songwriter after releasing his debut CD in October.

Treacher was first drawn to music as a child while growing up in Forest Hills.

“There were a guitar and an organ around the house,” Treacher said. “Nobody knew how to play, and I don’t know where they got them, but they were there.”

Treacher’s parents would play albums in the house, and when he heard a song, he would “fiddle around and try to find a note.”

As early as second grade Treacher began to realize music was something that he wanted to do for a career. He was a member of the boy’s choir and was even a soloist. He said he was on stage and realized that people liked his singing and teachers and other students were paying attention to him.

This all helped Treacher realize that he had a special talent.

While in college, Treacher started the blues band Delaware Hudson, which occasionally performs in Manhattan and previously recorded an album together.

Treacher recorded his debut solo CD, “Chrome,” in Elmont and spent more than a year working on getting everything the way he wanted it. It contains all original music. Treacher described his sound as “soulful funk rock.”

The inspiration for his songs comes as Treacher begins to write them. He said that he does not start writing thinking about a specific topic or theme.

The songs are being licensed for possible use in movies or television. Treacher said that they have a soulful emotional feel that fits well into poignant moments.

Treacher is very proud of the recording and orchestration of the track, “Let There Be Angels,” which was inspired by a book written by his cousin. He also noted that “Yes I Have,” is the most personal song on the CD.

“I didn’t think I was going to get that personal,” he said.

Although the album is new, Treacher said that he has already received positive feedback from both his friends and people he doesn’t know at all.

Nevertheless, it is at his live shows that Treacher said he really has to “sell it” by getting more people interested in his music. He has been doing open mics and booking gigs in Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Live performances are his favorite part of his music career, especially the camaraderie with the other musicians at an open mic night.

However, Treacher said that his biggest challenge is getting people to come out to the shows. Even though he already has a fan base, he said that it is exciting to work on building it even more.

Treacher has already begun recording his next solo album.

“I want to live a life where anywhere I go . . . real musicians know who I am,” Treacher said of his future career goals.

He would also like to be known for great songs, whether he records them himself or if other musicians record them.

Treacher follows the philosophy, “Do what you do and the world will find you. The cream rises to the top. If it’s good, it’s good.”

For more information on Treacher, visit www.robinsontreacher.com.

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