Candidate promises hard work

Recently, state Assemblywoman Ann-Margaret Carrozza (D-Bayside) has announced she would not seek re-election. People should thank her for her years of service. Whether you approve or disapprove of an elected official’s job, it can never be said it is not an extreme sacrifice of both personal and family life.

Making a decision of this magnitude must not have been easy. I applaud her for making it and considering her district’s and state’s needs first. I look forward to running for her seat, as it has been my goal to try to lend my experience of being a public servant for the past two decades to aid in restoring functionality to Albany and New York state and the quality of life within our district and state.

Having many friends in different political parties and religions, I hope to draw upon those relationships to improve our neighborhoods and businesses and restore New York to a viable and fiscal state. While I know I cannot do this alone, I believe, with the relationships I have forged and input I receive from them, I will help us accomplish this goal in an effective manner.

Again, thank you, Ann, for your sacrifices and the accomplishments you have made over the past years. Good luck in your future endeavors. I hope we as a community can take those accomplishments, move past these trying times and make Assembly District 26 even better as it is and keep it that way.

Rob Speranza


26th Assembly District


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