Do not tell consumers what to eat

Seems to me the people who are trying to pass a tax on sugary soft drinks have too much time on their hands.

Walking through a supermarket, I notice there are many items on the shelves that have sugar in them and I have to decide which to purchase.

Me alone — not someone trying to run my life. Choices I make as to whether to purchase margarine or butter, regular or skim milk, plum or beefsteak tomatoes, etc. I am not going to mention all the cereals to choose from. How much sugar is in those cereal boxes, but I do not have to pay extra taxes for them.

If they get away with this unnecessary tax, what will they tax next?

It is bad enough they eliminated the polyunsaturated fat from foods I have been eating all my life. Nathan’s french fries were the best-tasting fries I have ever eaten for more than 50 years. Now they taste like wet socks. Again, I want the choice to have or not to have the fries with the stuff that would kill a horse. I do not need someone telling me not to eat that stuff.

Just inform me and the public about the consequences of eating the wrong food and let us make the choice.

All those medicine commercials on TV explain the after-effects of taking them without an additional tax. Consult your doctor if this or that happens is what they say. Again, it is my choice to make.

Bring back the old Nathan’s french fries. I am almost 70 and still kicking despite the fact that I am a junk food junkie. Allow me the choice to eat the unhealthy foods or not to eat them. There is no need for an additional tax on sugary soft drinks.

I am not overweight either.

Martin H. Schwartz


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