Tabone has wrong view of people in relation to proposed salt ban

I would like to comment about the March 25-21 letter from Vince Tabone, “Banning use of salt in city eateries a dangerous and foolish proposition.”

First let me say the banning of salt in restaurants is absurd. I know what food tastes like without salt. I was — actually, still am — a salt addict. I would never eat at any restaurant that did not use salt. Not that I eat out that much, anyway.

With that said, the ridiculous statement, “… it [the salt ban] is … unnecessary. New Yorkers are sophisticated and know a lot about nutrition and which foods to avoid.”


For a politician, he does not seem to get out much. Hasn’t he seen the obesity epidemic out there? If people know what foods to avoid, they do not seem to be ducking at all.

Tabone asked, “Do they [state Assembly members] think they are smarter than their constituents …?” With the obesity epidemic and increase in high blood pressure, how can anybody not be “smarter than the average bear” when it comes to food?

Jerry Schreibersdorf


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