NY tap water
is cooks secret

When it comes to drinking New York City’s tap water, Queens residents have nothing to worry about. The city placed first among all competing large cities at the American Water Works Association “Best of the Best Water Taste Test” National Contest held in Chicago.

“New York City’s strong showing at the ‘Best of the Best Water Taste Test’ confirms a fact that locals have known for decades: New York City water is simply the best. Not only does our water taste great, but it is also one of the secret ingredients in our world-famous bagels and pizza,” said New York City Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Holloway.

Queens pizzerias and bagel shops seem to agree.

“I think it [the city’s water] absolutely has a factor in making the dough for the pizza,” said Dan Taormina, manager of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Douglaston. Taormina noted that while Grimaldi’s has other branches in areas such as Las Vegas and Arizona, many of them use a filtration system to match the quality of their water to New York’s.

“They’ve actually done a test where they used New York City water, Chicago water and Los Angeles water to make pizza. And everybody chose the New York City pizza,” added Taormina, referring to a Food Network show in which five judges unknowingly and unanimously chose the pizza that used city tap water.

“I think the city’s tap water is good. I think it’s better than a lot of other cities,” said Dennis Domingo, manager of Bagel Retreat in Flushing. Domingo said that when it comes to making bagels, “the water is a big part of it.”

The city’s Department of Environmental Protection has invested over $1.5 billion in watershed protection programs that encourage sustainable farming practices and provide local economic opportunities. Approximately 1,000 DEP employees work in watershed communities to maintain the high quality of the city’s drinking water system.

“Our watershed protection program, one of the most comprehensive in the world, has been so successful at protecting the integrity of our water supply that New York City remains one of only five large cities in the country that is not required to filter the majority of its drinking water,” said Holloway.

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