Cool off at Pesso’s this summer

Turn the fiery sun into an icy dream.

Pesso’s Italian Ices in Bayside has the know-how and essentials to make any sweltering sunny day into a cool beach breeze.

Owned and operated by Gidon Pesso, the shop boasts 85 to 90 flavors of Italian ice, 24 ice cream flavors and 20 genuine gelato flavors, each of which are made in the store. While other ice and yogurt shops may have two or three non-fat yogurt choices, Pesso’s has six, all of which can be enjoyed in their indoor or outdoor setting.

 With the recent heat wave in Queens and high temperatures still expected, it’s no wonder why Pesso’s Italian Ices is staying busy during the summer months.

“Hot weather is our best friend,” said Pesso. “We have grown over the last two years . . . it’s word of mouth that’s pushing our customer base higher.” 

In addition to the variety and attention to specific flavors – he personally tries every one daily – Pesso has created a product and place he is proud of for its cleanliness and service.     

The ices that are made every day come from tried and true recipes. Like other ice shops, rainbow is Pesso’s top-selling flavor, but the intensity of each lemon, cherry and blue-raspberry ice makes them irresistible. 

“My rainbow is phenomenal…the texture is different with an almost sorbet-type feel.”

The business was established in 2001 and branded as Pesso’s in early 2004.

Pesso’s Italian Ices, open seven days a week, is loated on the corner of 35th Avenue and 204th Street and can be found on the web at pessositalianices.com. Call them at 718-224-9130.

– Bob Doda

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