For beautiful skin try Klapp cosmetics



            If you want the best skin you’ve ever had, try Klapp.

Klapp Cosmetics was founded in 1980 by Gerhard Klapp, a doctor of holistic medicine, alternative practitioner and author who has been dedicated to the research and development of effective cosmetic products for the preservation of beauty for over 25 years. Klapp products are never tested on animals and natural ingredients are used whenever possible.

The award-winning German skincare line of over 750 products focusing on beauty and wellness is used in spas all over the world. While the cosmetics are used in spas all over the country, last year Klapp USA opened its flagship location at 10-34 47th Avenue in Long Island City.

The spa/boutique runs monthly specials and offers numerous customized facials and body treatments tailored to your own individual skin type. After you try the products, you can purchase them right there in the store.

“People love our products. Klapp is very results oriented; you see results immediately, after only one treatment,” said Angelena Iosifidis, Klapp’s vice president of U.S. operations and education, who has been in the skincare industry for 14 years.

Klapp won the 2010 Most Innovative Skin Care Product Award by LNE & Spa for their Stem Cell Concentrate from Stri-Pexan Phyto Stem Technology made from green apples, the newest advancement in anti-aging skincare. The unique active ingredient is the tropical candle tree, which protects the skin against UV damage.

Among Klapp’s bestsellers is the Ceremony of Gold Line, which contains real 24 karat gold to illuminate and firm the skin as soon as you apply it. The golden shimmer strengthens the skin’s immune system and increases resistance, thereby protecting it against damage from the environment.

The Caviar Power Collection of anti-aging products uses DNA extracted from caviar. The caviar stimulates cell production and metabolism to rejuvenate elasticity and suppleness, diminish wrinkles and fine lines and give skin a younger, healthy glow.

Hot Chocolate by Klapp uses the calming stimulants of cacao and shea nut butter to catch the free radicals responsible for the aging process of the skin cells creating a firm, smooth and youthful complexion.

If you’re ready for soft, firm skin, call 718-433-0014 for an appointment for a personalized Klapp skincare treatment or order online at www.klapp-usa-shop.com.

            – Catherine M. Lozada

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