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Residents have to stay in the loop about construction at St. Mary’s

An open letter to St. Mary’s Healthcare System for Children Executive Vice President Dr. Edwin Simpser:

Thank you for hosting a meeting with community representatives, elected officials and representatives of the Turner Construction Co. July 28.

The meeting was informative and afforded all parties involved the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns. The presentations given by you and Turner Construction gave us an overview of the total project as well as specifics relative to various phases of construction.

We are all in agreement that the project proposed by St. Mary’s will provide a state-of-the-art health-care facility for the children in your care.

The meeting was an excellent first step in bringing together St. Mary’s, Turner Construction, members of the community and elected officials. The progress made at this meeting must continue through further dialogue, regular meetings and continued cooperation between all the parties involved.

It is imperative the community is kept apprised of the following:

• construction schedules

• all proposed temporary construction access roads

• anticipated traffic pattern changes

• the manner in which construction supplies and equipment will be delivered

• placement of construction trailers

• anticipated construction fencing

• proposed street closings

• pollution controls

• noise controls

• regulation of construction workers

• means of egress

• parking patterns

I would like to take this opportunity to commend you on your efforts to obtain additional parking on private property to alleviate on-street parking in the community. I will assist you in any efforts you make to lessen the congestion and maintain the quality of life in the community.

Furthermore, I will also make my office available for future meetings, which should be held regularly concerning these matters. It is my belief that the community and St. Mary’s can work together effectively to complete the necessary work with as little inconvenience and disruption as possible.

With cooperation and mutual respect, St. Mary’s children will have the state-of-the-art facility they deserve and the community will retain its peaceful, country-like atmosphere.

Frank Padavan

State Senator


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