Koeppel Auto Groups will keep your company rolling

Koeppel Nissan has always been a friend to their community. Based in Queens, they strive to serve their neighbors and all of their automotive needs. While this involves serving individuals and families, Koeppel also caters to another type of family and neighbor – businesses.

Since 1937, Koeppel has been synonymous with Queens car dealerships and they have grown to four dealerships spanning Northern Boulevard. The family of Koeppel dealerships includes Nissan, Mazda, Volkswagon and Subaru, selling both new and pre-owned cars of almost every type imaginable.

Located at 74-15 Northern Boulevard in Jackson Heights, one of their extensive and reliable automotive categories is the fleet team – Koeppel’s collection of vehicles aimed exclusively at the businesses that help the borough grow and prosper.

In order to ensure that Queens’ businesses get the best service possible, Koeppel Nissan proudly announced the arrival of Koeppel Auto Groups’ Business to Business Program. The program brings personal service and special pricing to their Business to Business clients – this allows local businesses to buy at a friends and family rate. This includes all services post-sale for the duration of the warranty, whether the vehicle is leased or bought outright.

“Businesses keep people working. If they get their fleet vehicles at a fair price, it flows back to the community,” said Ami Ferrara, Marketing Manager at Koeppel Nissan. “We’ve taken our experience and reputation and built it up to the next level.”

Whether your business is small or a national corporation, Koeppel wants to fulfill all of your automotive needs. This includes allowing your business to have immediate access to their entire inventory and financing options.

Koeppel understands that a highly trained team is the key to business success. And as the fleet industry evolves, specific customer needs become apparent, which is why the Koeppel’s Fleet team evolves alongside you and adapts to your business – providing extensive knowledge with the best possible service and solutions.

“We have the biggest inventory of aftermarket accessories for business vehicles,” said Tim Nevitt, Koeppel’s fleet manager. “We can perform any type of aftermarket installations, including logos and wraps. It’s the complete one-stop purchase.”

A fleet service should solve problems, not create them. Koeppel provides a quality service to meet your needs, whether you require one vehicle or 10,000 – if you’re a business, they want your business.

Koeppel is also well aware that time is most definitely money for any business, big or small. They know that business owners don’t have time to go back and forth on pricing while their inventory sits on the shelf collecting dust. Business owners demand a quick turnaround, and Koeppel is capable of making that happen.

“Everyone in New York is pressed for time,” said Ferrara. “Every minute counts so communication must be a top priority. At Koeppel, we want you out on the street, serving the community as fast as possible.”

The Koeppel team works with your business and delivers its services without your having to leave the office. They will actually bring the vehicle of your choice to your place of business at no additional charge.

“A business’ decision makers normally don’t have time to leave their business and go shopping for cars,” said Nevitt. “I’ve actually gone out and delivered cars myself. This level of service might be unexpected, but it’s part of what we do.”

It is all part of the Koeppel touch, a philosophy that they have been operating under since they sold their first car. Whether they are selling commercial or consumer automobiles, Koeppel always offers a level of service that is personal, professional and thorough.

Koeppel Nissan has its eye on the long term. For them, the service doesn’t end when then sale is closed. Instead, they continue to provide topnotch customer care with their team of professional factory trained technicians.

They are so confident in their crew that Koeppel’s offers a "Fix-It-Right-The-First-Time" guarantee. Any repair done by one of Koeppel’s technicians is guaranteed to be fixed right the first time or your next service is free. They have multiple back-up systems in place to ensure that customer concerns are addressed and complaints are answered by their service staff.

And for the do-it-yourselfers out there, their parts department is second to none. Koeppel has a reputation of having one of the most knowledgeable and friendliest staffs in the automotive business. They stock over 5,000 parts and have almost immediate access to tens of thousands more. With that combination of staff and parts availability, you can’t go wrong.

This post-sale customer commitment has helped Koeppel to gain a loyal following of buyers that spans generations of families. They have routinely sold cars to numerous members of the same family, making Koeppel a true Queens institution.

Mark Lacher, executive director of Koeppel Nissan in Jackson Heights, knows that reaching out and going the extra mile with customers is what builds a business and takes it to new heights. And the “extra mile” means more than just car service – it also means community service.

“Mark is very active in the community. He knows how important it is to be a part of the community and to give back,” said Ferrara. “People have weathered a lot of hardships and it’s the right business ethic to help them when we can.”

And they take this same caring attitude to their customers. Even when the economy began to sputter, Koeppel kept offering the same benefits to their devoted clientele. This includes Koeppel’s Referral Service. Any time a customer refers someone to buy a car from one of their showrooms or used car lots, the customer receives a $100 American Express gift card.

“A car can be the biggest purchase most people make in this area,” said Lacher. “These are more than just cars. It is freedom to go places, to go on vacation. It is their ego and how they feel about themselves.”

This type of attention to detail is what has enabled Koeppel Nissan to spearhead new business initiatives like the Koeppel Auto Groups’ Business to Business Program.

“You have to be on top in order to remain on top,” said Ferrara. “It’s about the selling of the cars, the servicing of cars and everything else in between. No matter what changes in your life, we want to do what’s necessary to keep you as a loyal customer.”

For more information on Koeppel Nissan, visit www.koeppelnissan.com or call them at 1-866-GO-NISSAN.

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