Name: Audrey I. Pheffer

Age: 69

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Occupation: New York State Assemblymember

Decision To Run: During my career as an Assemblymember, I have demonstrated my commitment to increasing access to quality education, expanding health care and improving economic development and job creation. I have been a strong voice for those I represent, with a proven track record of results. I will continue in my tradition of service to the community.
Major Issues: Improving economic development and job creation, increasing access to quality education and expanding health care are the major issues affecting my constituents. I have fought for the revitalization and expansion of Aqueduct and brought Power for Jobs to the district. I am a strong advocate for our local hospitals and health care providers. I have increased NYC’s education funding, fought for smaller class sizes and successfully ensured tuition assistance for SUNY and CUNY students. I have been, and will remain, a champion for the 23rd Assembly District.
Top Priorities: My main focus as an elected official has been to provide quality constituent services and advance a comprehensive legislative agenda. Ensuring that government works for the people has always been my top priority. From fixing potholes to increasing New York City’s “fair share,” I have a proven track record of getting the job done. I am a full-time legislator that gives 100 percent and delivers results.

Name: Harold Paez

Age: 42

Party Affiliation: Republican/ Conservative

Occupation: Podiatrist/ Foot and Ankle Surgeon

Decision To Run: I am a life-long New Yorker. The fiscal crisis that is facing this state is the worst that I have experienced in my adult life. I am reminded of the difficult times during the 1970s when my parents were forced to make painful decisions to make ends meet. Our legislators in Albany continue to tax and spend beyond our means. Taxpayers are leaving the state and our legislators are not listening. Now we are predicted to lose one or two congressional seats with the next census. I am running because I am concerned about my children’s future in our great state.
Major Issues: There are many issues facing my constituents in the 23rd Assembly District. One of the top issues is transportation. In the Rockaways, an average commute to Manhattan is well over one hour and a half, express buses are limited and ferry service lost its funding. Throughout the district, citizens are concerned about decreased train and bus service to work. Meanwhile fares and tolls are set to increase.
Another major issue is over development without addressing infrastructure. We have thousands of new housing units of all type but inadequate access to schools, supermarkets and recreational facilities to accommodate the increase in population.
Top Priorities: I have signed on to former Mayor Ed Koch’s NY Uprising movement. Enough candidates and incumbents have signed the three pledges for Independent Redistricting, Responsible Budgeting and Ethics Reform to make this package of reforms an easy mandate for positive change. I would stick to my word and join the new legislature in quickly implementing these three reforms which would have a lasting and profound effect on improving our state government.

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