Name: Gary Ackerman
Age: 67
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Occupation: U.S. Congressman

Decision to Run: To continue our work in making sure the world is a better place for my grandchildren and everybody’s children and grandchildren. It is essential that we continue to confront the immense challenges facing our nation in such critical areas as jobs and the economy, education, national security and working to assist our veterans and senior citizens. In addition, our office continues to provide what is arguably the best constituent service in the nation.
Major Issues: Top issues are jobs, jobs and jobs: Continuing to work to create and retain jobs throughout the district and the region, initiating programs to spur economic growth, continuing to bring back millions of dollars for infrastructure, construction, transportation and other projects, creating incentives for business such as extending tax breaks to companies willing to bring jobs from overseas back to the United States and requiring business that accept public money to keep the jobs in the U.S., continuing to work with local communities and businesses to identify their needs.
Financial reform and consumer protection: Supported the financial reform bill while ensuring that the measure would not negatively impact on NY businesses; shepherded the renewal of the Terrorism Risk Insurance Program (TRIA) through the House to ensure the rebuilding of Ground Zero and other potential targets of terrorist attacks would proceed; authored the law – as part of the Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights – that prohibits credit card companies from charging customers a fee to pay their bills online or over the phone; demanded greater accountability from the Securities and Exchange Commission; pushed for changes in key financial regulations in the wake of the nation’s recession and reforming the manner in which credit rating agencies assign ratings.
Top Priority: Issues mentioned above.

Name: James Milano
Age: 42
Party Affiliation: Republican and Conservative Party Endorsed
Occupation: Physician. Employed past 11 years as Emergency Physician at Saint Francis Hospital

Decision to Run: Our nation is in crisis. It is not often that Americans are confronted with so many current and future uncertainties. Healthcare reform, higher taxes, a high unemployment rate, a weakening economy, a ballooning federal deficit, illegal immigration and weakening national defense are concerns for all Americans. There is a sense of urgency amongst the American people to re-direct our nation and maintain our supremacy in the world. Americans need to feel that they are served by their elected officials and not the reverse. America has blessed me with the opportunity to work hard and achieve the American dream of moral, social and professional fulfillment. It is my intention to preserve the American opportunity for all its citizens.
Major Issues: America’s healthcare system is the greatest in the world, and I aim to protect that standing in the world. Senior citizens should not be made to suffer because of the political ideology and political posturing of select Democratic law makers who pushed through healthcare legislation that is overwhelmingly unpopular with the American people. High quality and affordable healthcare that will not be rationed is my objective. The weakening local economy has led to both a fiscal and social crisis in the region. Many of our willing citizens are unable to find employment, are losing their jobs, losing their homes to foreclosure and are forced to move out of the region. Parents and grandparents find themselves communicating with their families by e-mail and telephone, instead of the traditional family gathering.
Top Priorities: Job creation and economic growth, followed by common sense healthcare reform.

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