Name: Bob Turner
Age: 69
Party Affiliation: Republican
Occupation: Businessman-Entrepreneur

Decision to Run: I am deeply concerned with the direction of our country under the current administration; the high level of unemployment, the tremendous tax burden, the wasteful spending and the mounting deficit. As someone who has had a long successful career running businesses and creating jobs, I will bring a business sensibility to Washington to help create more jobs in the private sector and grow the economy.
Our district is currently represented by a career politician – Anthony Weiner, who has never had a real job outside of the government and is part of the economic problem. As a non-career politician who has nothing to personally gain by serving as a Congressman, I will represent the people of my district fairly and honestly in a way that a career politician, seeking higher office will not.

Major Issues: There is too much unemployment and small businesses are over-burdened with high taxes. Career politicians like Anthony Weiner who support President Obama’s failed economic plan need to be replaced by business-minded individuals. The new ObamaCare Law, which Weiner claims authorship of, is riddled with negative consequences; increasing premiums, restricted choices and huge additional tax burdens on America’s economic engine – small business.

Top Priorities: I will work to reform the House of Representatives rules and procedures to provide a more open and transparent process that represents and benefits the American people. I will fight to eliminate the secretive earmark process that has been exploited by career politicians like Anthony Weiner for their own political gain.

Name: Anthony Weiner
Age: 46
Party Affiliation: Democratic, Independence
Occupation: Member of Congress representing the Ninth District of New York

Decision to Run: I’m running because the middle class voters of Brooklyn and Queens need a fighter in Congress to protect Social Security and make sure seniors get an annual cost of living increase. As someone who is proud to be called Israel’s best friend in Congress, I am determined to continue to fight for Israel. And, as the son of a schoolteacher, I want to improve education and protect and create more good jobs. I am proud to have grown up here, and nothing is more important to me than to fight for the middle class and those working hard to get there.

Major Issues: Our district faces a number of critically important issues – issue one is economic security. That means working to create more good jobs, balance budgets, reform the tax code, and stop Republicans from weakening Social Security. We also need to keep our friends and community safe and secure. We must stand with Israel, protect our global environment, and invest in our schools and streets – making our neighborhoods safe and our schools a place where great teachers have the resources to teach our children so they can lead our nation in the new century.

Top Priorities: My fight for the middle class is what I focus on every day. Creating jobs, protecting Medicare and Social Security and being vigilant in protecting Israel are at the top of the list.

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