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Dani’ Strike Zone hosts Senior Bowling Challenge

Assemblymember William Scarborough held his Senior Bowling Challenge at Dani’s Strike Zone Bowling Alley in Elmont recently.

The popular annual senior event had been deferred due to the closure of County Lanes Bowling Alley in Rosedale. Scarborough was extremely happy to be able to reinstate this annual event for the seniors in the community.

“Bowling has tremendous health benefits for seniors, including anaerobic exercise, similar to walking with weights,” said Scarborough. “Bowling burns calories, promotes weight loss and uses muscle groups usually not exercised. Bowling requires flexing and stretching which works tendons, joints, ligaments and improves flexibility. Bowling promotes muscle growth, working arm and leg muscles.”

Scarborough also pointed out that the sport offers social benefits, helping in the building of new friendships, estimated to be equally important to heart health as exercise. It’s estimated 95 million people world-wide bowl.


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