Name: Joe Addabbo
Age: 46
Party Affiliation: Democratic Party
Occupation: New York State Senator

Decision to Run: I have represented the 15th Senate District since 2008. I want to continue my efforts to reform Albany to benefit my constituents. During my time as a public servant, I have worked hard on issues that matter most to families in my district – creating jobs, cleaning up Albany, supporting veterans and reforming our election laws to ensure fair and accessible elections for voters. I hope to continue to fight for working families in my district and find solutions to the challenges they face.

Major Issues: First and foremost, we must address New York’s jobs crisis. We must protect the jobs by strictly enforcing prevailing wage laws and preventing layoffs. I recently sponsored S7594, a bill that prohibits state funding to businesses that outsource jobs. We need to further protect the good union jobs that we have and assist small businesses and projects that create new good paying jobs. Second, we must address the growing public transportation problems in Queens. The recent MTA bus cuts are unconscionable, as workers now must depend on expensive, private vans that have replaced MTA buses. The increasing subway fares, with decreasing services makes us all victims of MTA mismanagement.

Top Priorities: I will work to create job opportunities. I will work improve mass transit. As a father to two young daughters, I know we must restore the education cuts to ensure our children receive the education they deserve. I will continue to be tough on crime in our communities. And to make tough state financial decisions to protect our essential government services. These times require experienced and strong leadership, and I hope to continue to fight for working families in my district.

Name: Anthony Como
Age: 36
Party Affiliation: Republican, Conservative
Occupation: Attorney & Counselor at Law

Decision to Run: Like many people, I am fed up with the way business is done in Albany. I feel that not enough has been done in the interests of the people of the State of New York, and I am running to change that. Between the skyrocketing taxes that cripple the middle class, hospitals closing, funding for senior centers being cut, and quality education becoming more rare every day, major change is needed in Albany, and I am running to bring about that change.

Major Issues: The two major issues facing the constituents of the 15th district are economic issues, like jobs, and fiscal issues, especially increased taxes and spending and good people losing their homes. The way Albany does things today isn’t working. Government spending and taxes continue to skyrocket, and this is what most stifles job creation.

Top Priorities: The first thing I will do when elected, is fight to put a cap on state spending, which is where most of the problems in New York State arise. If government spending had been reined in, our state’s economy would not be in the shape it is in today. Then, we can begin to roll back the 124 tax and fee increases ($14 billion) that my opponent voted for, offer tax credits to small businesses that create jobs, and reinstate the STAR property tax rebate. This will do much more to stimulate the local economy than anything that has been done thus far.

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