Go to the ‘Godfather of laser vision correction’

If you’re considering LASIK or other corrective eye surgery, consider the name Dello Russo, synonymous with laser vision correction.

Dr. Joseph Dello Russo had the first laser in the world and is known as “the Godfather of laser vision correction.” He pioneered the bladeless method, LASIK and PRK and has personally performed over 100,000 laser vision correction surgeries, while his son Dr. Jeffrey Dello Russo has done nearly 50,000 surgeries. Dr. Dello Russo has also personally trained thousands of surgeons.

“People come from all over the world just to have their eyes done by Dr. Dello Russo. We have thousands of patients because the results are just extraordinary,” said Manager Stephanie Dello Russo.

At Dello Russo Laser Vision, there are 10 different methods of sophisticated screening technology used to determine whether a candidate is eligible for laser vision correction.The practice includes a cataract surgeon, a glaucoma specialist, a medical retina specialist, staff optometrists, operating room registered nurses and board certified anesthesiologists.

Dello Russo Laser Vision utilizes the latest technologies to tailor state-of-the-art surgical procedures to specifically match your prescription. ALLEGRETTO Wave™ Eye-Q is used as a three-dimensional map of your eye that uses Perfect Pulse Technology, a powerful, high-speed laser that can correct your vision in as little as eight seconds. They also employ Intralase FS Bladeless LASIK that helps customize a purer vision correction to even better than 20/20.

Laser vision correction technology is so advanced that the risk is very low and rapid recovery process ensures that patients will start to see results almost immediately, usually within only a day or two.

“If you want to enjoy good vision, why not do LASIK?” said Dello Russo.

Dr. Dello Russo has participated in studies that show laser vision correction is actually safer than wearing contact lenses long-term. And within just a few years, you will have saved the amount of money spent on contacts, solution, eyeglasses and trips to the eye doctor.

Every year, Dello Russo Laser Vision does free corrective eye surgery for soldiers on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. Throughout the year, they also offer discounts to soldiers, law enforcement officers and EMTs.

The doctors are in six days a week and there are locations in Brooklyn, Lake Success, Manhattan and New Jersey. They offer free consultations, and interest-free financing for 24 months. For more information, call 1-800-EYE-CARE or log on to www.dellorussolaservision.com.


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