City needs more cops on streets

Looking back on 2010, it is disturbing to see that crime has risen citywide and in Queens. Vehicle theft was up 11.9 percent boroughwide compared to rates in 2009. Homicide rates rose in 2010 citywide compared to 2009 rates. A scary fact is that two police precincts in Queens make up for 20 percent of the total rise in homicide citywide last year. Overall, murder rates are also up 13 percent for 2010.

In October 2000, there were 40,864 police officers citywide. According to the NYPD website, there are currently 34,500 police officers citywide. This is 6,364 less cops. This is a troubling statistic — one that must be addressed immediately.

As crime in Queens is increasing, the number of police officers must also increase. More police officers on the streets will lead to a reduction in crime. I urge my fellow Queens residents to call on Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City Council to increase the number of police officers on the streets before more people are victims of crime.

Matthew Silverstein

Democratic State Committeeman

26th Assembly District


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