Cleaning Manhattan, not Queens was wrong

Here is a comment from me on the city’s failed effort at snow removal in eastern Queens. Glen Oaks Village, New York’s largest garden apartment co-op and home to 10,000 New Yorkers, saw no city Sanitation Department plows in our community a full day after the snowstorm.

It is inexcusable that a community of this size had not had at least one pass of Sanitation plows or salt spreaders. Not only did our folks have to get to work, but our community is adjacent to the LIJ medical center, which made it almost impossible for emergency vehicles to get to the hospital through our streets. In fact, on Dec. 27, an LIJ ambulance had to be towed out of an intersection in the middle of Glen Oaks Village.

Manhattan might be clear, but out here in Queens it has been the worst response since the infamous Lindsay snowstorm. Mayor Michael Bloomberg at a news conference that afternoon said the city is back to normal.

He needs to get out of Manhattan once in awhile to see what is going on out here in the forgotten borough.

Bob Friedrich


Glen Oaks Village

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