Gone is ‘friendly’ shopping

Alas, the small businesses known as “mom and pop” stores are a thing of the past! Many years ago, I would walk into Irving’s candy store in Brooklyn, or a small “grocery” store to purchase whatever I required. We knew the owners well – liked and trusted them, and they knew all my family as well!
We actually thought of these store owners as “friends”!
It’s another ball-game today, of course. The Costcos, BJ’s, Walmarts, Targets, etc. have completely taken over and this is where we now shop for a great variety of things!
We still buy our food from Waldbaum’s and Key Food, usually they are located near our homes, thus making it convenient for us!
There are many options for consumers, but at times, I remember with nostalgia, the years, seemingly so long ago, when “shopping” was actually a “personal, friendly, pastime.”

Leonore Brooks

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